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Aloha Beach Lovers!   I’ve been talking a lot about the not so fun aspects of beach life - hurricanes.   I thought you might need a break from that and want to hear more about the more pleasant aspects of beach life, so I called Cathi - my go-to beach travel expert and super fan of the podcast, because, lucky her, while we were battling hurricane force winds here, she was basking in the gentle island breeze - in Maui ,Hawaii!

I have to admit, I don’t know why Maui isn’t super high on my beach adventure bucket list. What is it about Maui that everyone I know wants to go there?

Fun fact:  According to statistics released by the state of Hawaii, last year nearly 2.3 million visitors set foot on the island of Maui  – put it this way, that’s the entire population of Houston, TX! 

I read in a blog that "Out of the eight Hawaiian Islands, Maui is by far the most unique."  It said that "As soon as you step foot on the 'Valley Isle' you’ll understand why it deserves the title of the must-see island in Hawaii" -the pristine beaches, blue waves, lush forests, hidden waterfalls, and two volcanoes!

But wait, there’s more! Maui has been repeatedly voted number one by several travel magazines - and Travel + Leisure named Maui the 6th Most beautiful island in the world

Ohhh, the most beautiful islands in the world?!  That sounds like a great topic for a  future episode! What do you think?   I’m definitely up for that, but for now. . .

Let’s find out what Maui is really like - from someone who’s right there - now! 

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