Show Notes

This episode is a continuation of the theme,  close encounters of a marine kind, from Episode 56, which I recorded with my friends, John and Jennifer.

I thought I’d start out telling one or two of my own stories of scuba diving with my family; I was certain that recalling these events would be like an easy drift dive in the crystal clear waters of a Florida Spring, however, as I sat down to take notes, it felt more like doggie - paddling in the murky water of my memories. I could recall the events - but few of the details!

I thought it might be helpful, and maybe a little more entertaining, if I invited my daughter, Baylee, and son, Austin, to join in on the conversation. 

Be sure to listen to the end when I sit down with my soulmate Ernie to tell me about a once-in-a-lifetime dolphin encounter while aboard - of all things - an aircraft carrier!

Are you ready to swim with the barracudas, pet some manatees, and watch a pod of dolphins? Put on your swim fins, and let's go for a dive!

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