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Today, I'm chatting with the fabulous Jen Hardy. She is the voice behind the podcast Fabulous Over 50 and the creative genius behind the wildly popular Jen Hardy Show on YouTube with her shower thoughts. If you're into true crime or curious about our justice system, check out her series Voices of Justice, where she dives into the stories behind the gavel.

Jen is a true beach girl. After receiving a life-threatening health diagnosis, she knew that she and her family needed the healing power of the beach. So Jen, her husband, and their seven kids moved from Tennessee to an island paradise off the coast of Florida. In this episode, you'll hear about her journey to the Sunshine State, her life on a coastal island, and the profound healing she's experienced since making the beach her forever home.

Episode Highlights

- Jen's journey from Tennessee to a coastal island in Florida.

- The healing power of the beach and its impact on Jen's health.

- Life on a barrier island: swimming with manatees, dolphins, and the occasional rocket launch.

- Homeschooling her seven kids and integrating beach life into their education.

- Jen's various creative ventures include her podcasts and YouTube series.

- Insights into living affordably on the beach and making the dream a reality.


00:00 </Welcome to the Beach Speaks, the podcast that shares stories about the beach

01:06 </Jen Hardy is the voice behind the podcast Fabulous Over 50

02:53 </Paige welcomes Jen to the podcast

03:30 </How is the beach speaking to you today

04:18 </You said you were living in California, and you had how many kids then

07:33 </We live very close to Patrick Space Force Base and Cape Canaveral

10:25 </So what are your favorite things to do on the beach

15:53 </I want to know more about how the manatees and the dolphins react to rocket launch

22:17 </You originally wanted to be a marine biologist, but psychology was your second choice

23:18 </You homeschool your kids, right? 

26:11 </Fabulous over 50 is a podcast for women specifically because aging isn't fun

29:01 </If you had the choice to live on the West Coast or the East Coast

33:26 </Some people decide to leave ahead of a hurricane because everything is replaceable

36:11 </Do you think being at the beach has helped with their Asperger's

39:45 </So I just wanted to ask you about making a move here to the beach

40:41 </Jen shares her story about finding healing at the beach on the beach 


This conversation resonated with me—from meeting her soulmate and finding her forever home at the beach in Florida to her joy in podcasting and staying true to herself. Jen has a way of moving through life with grace and ease, using that positive energy and healing we get at the beach.

Do you have a story about finding healing at the beach? Feel free to share it in a message or a voicemail. I'd love to hear about it. If you think your story could benefit the listeners and want to share it on the podcast, the Beach and I are here for you.

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The beach is speaking. Are you listening? 


Jen Hardy is on a mission to help women find their inner fabulousness and transition to the life of their dreams. She wrote the book  The Sick Mom's Guide and hosts the Fabulous Over 50 podcast, and the YouTube channel The Jen Hardy Show.
Follow Jen on:
YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/@thejenhardy
Instagram: @thejenhardy
To learn more about Jen, her courses and speaking opportunities go to: https://jenhardy.net/


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