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Do you dream of moving to the beach? 

I dreamed of moving to the beach for so long, and now I can open my front door and walk down to the beach every day!

One morning I was sitting on the sand with my eyes closed, tuned in to the sound of the waves, and listening to what the beach had to say about my journey to living at the beach, reminding me of what I had to let go of and what I needed to keep.
How did I get here?

It all started with a piano!

In this episode, I invited Alex Sizemore, a Jacksonville Beach, FL native, to help answer your question: "How do I move to the beach?"

Alex has lived at the beach all his life, and as a realtor, he helps people of all ages and financial situations make their dream of living at the beach come true. 

Need more info about moving to the beach?  Here's how you can get in touch with Alex for answers!

Phone: 904-386-1912
email: sizemore3@icloud.com
Instagram: The Sizemore Real Estate Team
Facebook: The Sizemore Real Estate Team

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