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When I think about my 2023 beach bucket list, the ones at the top are on the Gulf Coast  -  the ones on practically every travel guide’s top 10 Florida beaches, like Caya Costa, Captiva Island and Sanibel, Destin and Pensacola.

Jensen Beach was not on my bucket list, but when I got a chance to go - even though I had a lot of work on the podcast left to do - how could I say no?  When I hear "go to the beach," - I'm on my way!

I ended up spending more time in the hotel room trying to edit and publish an episode, battling a series of tech issues, and pretty much stressing myself out over some arbitrary deadline that I created for myself - and missing out on precious time on the beach!

I love exploring new beaches (and re-visiting old ones) because each one has a different message for me - if I listen.  What I don’t know, the beach knows.

The beach was speaking to me - and I wasn’t listening. 

How is the beach speaking to you today

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