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I was on an exercise power walk on the beach (which is really kind of a misnomer because I stop so much to take pictures and videos - I’m not sure how much “exercise” I’m getting!) brainstorming themes for the podcast when I began thinking about all the marine life in the ocean, which got me thinking about SCUBA diving, and of course, our friends John Bailey and his wife Jennifer Young immediately came to mind because, well - they are super into diving. I knew they would have some cool stories to tell.

I decided to call the episode “Close Encounters of the Marine Kind” - and it would probably need to be in two parts:  one where they tell their stories, and then  I can share mine!

John and Jennifer live outside of Tampa - they're part of a group of our close friends that I call our  “Tampa/St Pete crew” 

John, an environmentalist who studied at the University of Florida is an exceptional underwater marine photographer 
Jennifer is a network engineer who is exceptional at shooting lionfish and swimming with (and dare I say swimming from?) sharks!  

It’s been a long time since I’ve been SCUBA diving - crazy, right? I mean, I live in Florida! The beach is clearly saying to me, “It's time to update your PADI certification!" 

Stay tuned for Part Two coming up next, where I relive some of my own close encounters of the marine kind. I might even have a few surprise guests!

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Below are some links to publicly viewable photo albums/videos from John's FB page:

Diving with Goliath groupers off Jupiter, Florida: https://www.facebook.com/media/set/?set=a.10159977455667559&type=3

Diving Bonaire:

Diving Roatan:

Shark Dive off Roatan:

Whale Sharks off of Isla Mujeres, Mexico:

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