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Ever since Hurricane Ian hit Florida a few weeks ago, I told you I would do an episode about what it’s like to be in a hurricane at the beach - and I fully intend to do that - soon, However, in the meantime, as I start collecting hurricane stories, I thought it might be interesting to hear from one of my fellow podcasters, Kevin Lowe, who lives a few hours south of us near Daytona Beach.

A few days after the hurricane I reached out to see if everything was OK where he was and asked if would he would like to hop on the show and tell us what it’s like to experience a hurricane, especially when you’re completely blind!  You might be surprised by his answer! 

I did go a little off course in the middle of our conversation to talk about bioluminescent kayaking. We were talking about light, and electricity, and well. . .
I was inspired!

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