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Welcome to my 50th episode!!  Now you might be thinking, “Ok, 50 is a good number - but what makes it so special? Why not 100?” Well, here’s the deal, according to the latest podcasting statistics, in the past several years a LOT of podcasts started, but the truth is most of those shows are - dead.  There are many good reasons why a show ends but most of the time it’s because people realize that podcasting can be really hard, and really lonely. 

Then there’s this thing called “pod fade” where you get tired of all the effort and wonder “Is anybody listening?” and then, you just fade away. I heard that “pod fade” often hits you around the 50th episode. So, the fact that I made it to 50 and I’m still here means a lot, because, honestly I was seriously thinking about packing up my microphone and quitting the show.

Instead, I came up with a list of the top five downloaded episodes.  It was the perfect thing to remind myself of how the show has grown, and it inspired me to keep going. 

So let the countdown begin!

5. EP 6 Beaches Go Green with Anne Marie Moquin 

4.  EP 34 Paige’s Beach Adventure (part 2) Costa Rica!  

3.  EP 1 Rachael Todd Speaks on the Balanced Life.  

2.  EP 7 Stress, Addiction and Healing with Mindfulness: Gaya Kouba

1.  EP 46 Let’s Talk About Death and Life with Sacred Servant Nada Frazier 

Three Honorable Mentions:

EP 32 Customize Your Beach Vacation! With Judi Dunlap

EP 42 Let’s Go to Jamaica! With Cathi Taucher 

EP 35 Meet Your Soulmate, Quit Your 9 to 5, and Move to the Beach! My Story 

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