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Is traveling to Greece on your bucket list? It’s definitely on mine! So, when my friend Cathi Taucher asked me if I might be interested in going on an amazing Greek island tour she has planned - well, yeah, of course! While she was telling me about it, I said: "hold on - this is something I bet my listeners would be interested in, so why don’t you hop on the show and tell us all about it!"

Even if Greece isn’t on your list, you’ll still want to listen because it’s not all about Greece.  We talk about what is bucket list travel.  Is it just something we just dream about? Can we really do it?  If so, how???

Think about what’s on your bucket list.  What’s your dream destination?  Send me an email at paige@thebeachspeaks.com or a voicemail (just click the link in the show notes) and let me know.  Let’s make it the topic for another bonus episode!

Ok, I’m ready to go to the Greek Islands - are you coming with me?     


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