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I have a slight obsession with books. My house is filled with stacks of unread novels, coffee table books, and hidden gems waiting to be explored. But today, I want to focus on a specific genre that holds a special place in my heart: beach reads!

A good beach read is more than just a book you read while lounging on the sand. It's a book that transports you to the beach no matter where you are. It's a chance to let go of everyday stress and immerse yourself in a world of relaxation and adventure. And with summer coming to a close, there's no better time to indulge in beachy literary escapism.

Here are five beach reads that are speaking to me right now:

1. On Fire Island by Jane L. Rosen -  This is the perfect example of a book I bought because I heard about it on a podcast! Thsi time it was mine! For more, check out Episode 68: On Fire Island: A Journey of Love, Loss, and Resilience with author Jane Rosen.  

2. Beach House Memories, by Mary Alice Monroe, is the sequel to The Beach House I read earlier this summer. Reading this second book will be like coming back for another summer visit with friends. 

3. Silo by Hugh Howey - I don’t typically go for dystopian post-apocalyptic science fiction when I want to relax, but after binging the first series on Apple TV, I have to read the books now!

4. When We Believed in Mermaids by Barbara O’Neal. This title popped up on a friend’s Facebook post, and I just had to add it to my list because, well, mermaids!

5. Florida’s Golden Galleon’s - The Search for the 1715 Spanish Treasure Fleet - by Robert F. Burgess and Carl J. Clausen  This book is perfect for history and treasure hunting fans.

Remember, a beach read doesn't have to be a physical book. Travel magazines about your favorite beach destinations can be just as captivating. And who can resist a good audiobook during a long drive to the coast?

Whether lounging on a sun-soaked beach or simply dreaming of the ocean, good beach reads will transport you to a world of relaxation and wonder.

Even if you can't physically be at the beach,  pick up a beach read off your shelf or pick one up at your local bookseller (it feels good to support small businesses) and let your mind escape to sandy shores. 

Grab a cool drink, kick back, and dive into the world of beach reads together!

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