Service with a Side of Stand Up Comedy

Hey Beach lover! Rabiah is back - this time as my guest - to hear her beach story. In this conversation, Rabiah talks about what it was like growing up at the beach in Southern California and how the beach continues to show up even when she’s landlocked. We also talk about her side gig as a stand-up comic and the important role that service plays in her life. After hearing Rabiah’s story, I think you’ll understand why her podcast is called More Than Work. It’s a reflection of a way of living that we all can aspire to. One of the many things I love about doing this podcast is that I get to experience the unique connection that my guests have with the beach - it’s through that connection that I invariably find a new friend! Rabiah’s ideas of how we can be of service really resonated with me.I’m reminded that I don't have to make a grand gesture to make a difference; small ones can be just as impactful - like making breakfast for friends, reaching out to a long-lost friend or relative, or cracking jokes that make people laugh. The Beach is SpeakingAre you listening? Join our community on Patreon! to the Podcast: Click here to help keep the podcast going: Leave a voicemail!

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