Searching for Seashells: An Artist’s Guide to Treasures on the Beach with Jessie King Regunberg

Today’s episode is a conversation I had recently with Jessie King Regunberg, author of the book SEARCHING FOR SEASHELLS It’s all about the enchanting world of seashells and how they have touched our lives and sparked our curiosity. Jessie’s book is a testament to her passion for shells, art, and history. It’s filled with 200 hand-painted illustrations, intriguing facts, and interesting stories about shells you might already have in your collection and shells you dream of finding—perhaps along a magical moonlit shore or on a sparkly beach at sunrise. Poem by: E. E. Cummings (1983). “Hist Whist: And Other Poems for Children”, p.13, W. W. Norton & Company ABOUT THE AUTHOR: Jessie King Regunberg is an artist and writer in Washington, DC, living with her husband and three children. She trained as a historian at the University of Pennsylvania, and her knowledge of the past informs all her work. Her projects include fiction and nonfiction, and she feels lucky to be making a career out of the things she loves most. ABOUT THE BOOK: Searching for Seashells: An Artist's Guide to Treasures on the Beach By Jessie King Regunberg Available anywhere you purchase books. Be sure to support your local indie bookseller! ABOUT HER ART: @jessie.regunberg.paints PODCAST LINKS: Join our Patreon! Subscribe to the Podcast: Follow on Apple and Spotify and share it with your friends! Instagram: Facebook

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