Plein Air Painting on the Beach with Annora Lemieux

Capturing the essence of the beach with my phone is one thing, but painting it in real time is another. I’m in awe of anyone who can paint in the moment—no photograph, just sitting in nature with a canvas, painting the scene in quick brushstrokes. You have to stay in the present and pay attention. This painting practice is called plein air, a form of impressionism that my guest Annora does so well. At only 19, Annora is making herself known in our local artist scene at the beach where I live. You can see her sitting at the beach at sunrise with her canvas and palette, making quick brushstrokes across the canvas as the scene changes moment by moment. You could say that the beach speaks to her in a language of shapes and colors - and energy - which she mentions often - and I think every beach lover can relate to that. But this conversation isn’t just about painting beach scenes; it’s a lesson in not being afraid to “put yourself out there”—to overcome the fear of being judged. It's about recognizing your worth and the value of perseverance. It’s beach-inspired wisdom from a Gen Z that I needed to hear. Connect with Annora on Instagram! PODCAST LINKS: Support the podcast on Patreon! Subscribe to the Podcast: Follow on Apple and Spotify and share it with your friends! Instagram: Facebook

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