More Than Just the Beach: Paige Speaks on the More Than Work podcast with Host, Rabiah Coon

Hey beach lover, how is the beach speaking to you today? I’m sure you have noticed that I’ve been doing a lot of solo episodes: like, how I met my soulmate - on the beach, watching fighter jets fly over the beach, and how learning to fly was a lot like moving to the beach - and while it’s been a lot of fun sharing stories about how the beach speaks to me, I thought I’d do something different this time, and share more about my journey to the beach on this episode I recorded with Rabia Coon on her podcast More Than Work. We first met as members of the “Squad Pod” - a slack group created by Squadcast - the remote recording platform we both use to record our podcasts. It’s a super supportive group where you can ask random questions, get tech advice, promote your show, and my favorite thing to do - collaborate with other podcasters - like Rabiah! More Than Work is a podcast that shares stories of individuals who have found that their self-worth is determined by more than their job title - it’s one of my favorite podcasts to listen to on my beach power walks - with each step I take along the shore, I listen to her guests describe the steps they took to create a life beyond their “work” - and think about how I have created mine. The stories are different but to me there’s a similar “vibe”- the kind “vibe” you feel when you stand on the beach, staring across the vast ocean - at all the possibilities. So when Rabiah invited me to share my More Than Work beach story on her show - I was thrilled. This was my first time as a guest on someone else’s podcast, and while I expected to talk about my journey to the beach, what I didn’t expect to come up in conversation were the other parts of my story that go beyond the beach. I have to say, I learned a little more about myself. It was a little different being on the other side of the mic, as they say - but Rabiah is a great host and a fabulous human. And. . it was a fun way for me to share one of my favorite podcasts with you! The beach is speaking! Join our community on Patreon! Subscribe to the Podcast: Follow on Apple and Spotify and share it with your friends! Donate: Leave a voicemail! Instagram: Facebook

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