Listener Voicemails and Exciting News for the Podcast!

My intention for this podcast has always been to create a collaborative space where beach lovers can come together as a community - where listeners can become a part of the podcast. - my co - hosts ! I love doing all the things it takes to produce this podcast solo, the beach is speaking is anyone listening? Regardless of how many people are actually listening, I would still do this podcast because it’s my way of using the gift of my voice to connect with something greater than myself, the Beach and all it represents - and the bonus is - I get to share that connection with you! It takes a lot of time energy and resources to Put the show together, and your support goes a long way in helping keep the show on the air. It’s like that symbiotic relationship between the ocean and the beach - the ocean sends waves to the shore and the beach sends them back. What would one be without the other? If you’re wondering why I’m talking so passionately about community, collaboration, and what it means to me, it’s because I'm so excited to announce that I have launched a Patreon - a membership platform that helps build community and a way for you to contribute to the future of the show - it costs as little a $5.00 to join and as a member you’ll receive some cool Beach Speaks “goodies,” plus the opportunity to get exclusive bonus audio content and other beachy stuff. I'm so excited to see you on Patreon: See you at the beach! Listen to The Beach Speaks on Buzzsprout, Apple, or Spotify Subscribe and share it with your friends! Leave a voicemail! Follow me on: Instagram: Facebook Web: Patreon: Donate:

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