How to Live Wild and Free on a Beach in Greece! with Alise Saunders

I love quotes, especially the ones that when I hear them, I think, " Oooh, I can relate to that - or that is so inspiring! I need to write that one down before I forget it! " I’ll rush to scribble it in a journal or notebook - it’s like I’m attaching a sticky note to my brain - a reminder, to go back to it later. However, there’s one quote - it’s actually a question - that when I first heard it, I could “feel” the words, the ideas they invoked, tumbling around my head with an enthusiastic energy that flowed from my brain, through my heart, and then - settled in an anxious knot in my gut, just waiting for the answer. The quote is the last line from Mary Oliver’s poem The Summer Day: “Tell me, what is it you plan to do with your one wild and precious life?” Whether you want to spend your wild and precious life traveling around the world or live out your dream right where you are, my guest today, Alise Saunders, a digital nomad, coach, and freedom seeker, is here to be our trusted friend and travel guide - from her house on the beach - in Greece!

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