From One Year to Live to Life and Healing - at the Beach! Jen Hardy’s Fabulous Over 50 Journey

Jen Hardy is a true beach girl - so much so that after receiving a life-threatening health diagnosis, she instinctively knew that she - and her family - needed the healing power of the beach to get through it. So, Jen, her husband, and their seven kids moved from their home in Tennessee to an island paradise off the coast of Florida, where she found the healing she needed and is living her best life - at the beach! In this episode, you'll hear about her journey to the “Sunshine State,” what life is like on a coastal island, and the profound healing she has experienced since making the beach her forever home. We talk about: Jen's podcast Fabulous Over 50, and her wildly popular YouTube Channel called The Jen Hardy Show Life on the Southern California Coast vs. the Florida Atlantic Coast Paddleboarding with sea turtles, dolphins, and manatees Avoiding shark attacks How the beach helped her heal from a life-threatening diagnosis - and more! ABOUT JEN: Jen Hardy is on a mission to help women find their inner fabulousness and transition to the life of their dreams. She wrote the book The Sick Mom's Guide and hosts the Fabulous Over 50 podcast, and the YouTube channel The Jen Hardy Show. Follow Jen on: YouTube: Instagram: @thejenhardy To learn more about Jen, her courses, and speaking opportunities, go to: PODCAST LINKS: Support the podcast on Patreon! Subscribe to the Podcast: Listen on YouTube Follow on Apple and Spotify and share it with your friends! Instagram: Facebook

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