Blue Angels and the Beach

You know I love the beach, but I also love airplanes! This fact is especially poignant because aviation and learning to fly was one of the (many) surprising characteristics that attracted me to my husband, Ernie (You can hear more about that in my recent episode “How I Met My Soulmate - On the Beach”) Ernie spent the majority of his Navy career on an aircraft carrier where he worked on the F-18s (the same aircraft as the Blue Angels) Jets aren’t a completely foreign concept to me since I have been around them almost daily in my 20-year career in Corporate aviation - Lear Jets and Gulfstreams are cool, but supersonic fighter jets - In my opinion - are super cool. The Blue Angels were in town recently for an air show at the beach on Saturday and Sunday, and I wanted to go both days. Because even though I’ve been to many air shows over the years, n my opinion, there’s nothing quite like watching one up close and personal on the beach! But I had forgotten the announcement that the jets would conduct practice runs along the beach on Thursday. So you can imagine my shock as two navy blue and gold supersonic F-18 fighter jets screamed across the tree tops right over my head - to say that I was thrilled would be an understatement. I was ecstatic! Immerse yourself in the story of The Blue Angels on the Beach - and find out why I burst into tears! It's one I'll never forget!

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