Beach Love and Beach Stories: Celebrating Love Month with My Soulmate

It’s February, so in the spirit of this Month of Love, I asked my soulmate, Ernie, to join me on the podcast because it’s a very special month for us. Although I’ve talked about how we met and our journey to living out our vision here at the beach on the podcast before, I thought it would be the perfect time for Ernie to share some of his own beach stories and reminisce about our beach adventures together. We talk about growing up in Tampa and always being in the water, camping, and “spring hopping,” You’ll hear Ernie’s stories about a wild encounter he had on an Island beach in Florida and a rare sighting he had off an aircraft carrier. We talk about beach adventures we have had together and where we would like to go next. I ask if he has ever considered moving away from the beach? You’ll have to wait until the end to hear his answer! Links to podcasts mentioned in this episode: Finding my Voice: How the Beach Led Me to Podcasting: Lost and Found at the Beach: Connected to My iPhone: How I Met My Soulmate: On the Beach:

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